Immigration Help for Employers and HR Professionals

Web Based Interactive System:

Our web-based interactive information collection and processing system significantly eases the burdens on companies and HR professionals who are responsible for processing visa petitions for foreign hires.  This system reduces the entire work load and costs and also  eliminates the need for international telephone calls, faxes and e-mails to applicants otherwise necessary.  Specifically, our on-line interactive visa processing system offers the following immediate benefits and cost savings:

Direct Access to Attorneys:

Direct access to highly trained and competent attorneys via telephone, e-mail messages retrieved and addressed through handhelds throughout the work-day, evenings and weekends.

Instant Global Interactive Access to Petitions, Forms and USCIS Notices:

Clients and their prospective employees have global interactive instant access to forms,  etitions and visa information that is updated by our staff, HR professionals, employees or applicants abroad via the internet.  Clients also have 24-hour on-line direct access to USCIS notices, completed applications, receipt and approval notices associated with their  petitions. Any computer with internet access may log into our secure information server to review and update information as necessary.

Faster, More Efficient Service:

Faster, more efficient service is ensured because applications and petitions are  completed and available for 24/7 on-line review, modification, printing, signing and filing upon completion.  This eliminates time wasted with postage and courier in most instances.   Changes and corrections made by HR professionals, employees, applicants and our attorneys are instantly available for on-line review.  Additionally, clients experience increased turn-around times because postage, courier and messenger service delays are eliminated until the application is ready for signing and submission.

Cost Savings and Fixed Pricing Rates:

Significant costs savings accrue because HR professionals and their employees enter information directly into the on-line system (24/7) that can be reviewed instantly, reducing the necessity of multiple international phone calls, facsimiles and courier service.  Cost of postage, courier and messenger service is virtually eliminated until petitions are signed and ready for filing.  Additionally, our fixed pricing rates for petitions eliminates budget concerns and ensures cost predictability throughout the process.

You can reach us (312) 795-9110 or Contact Form by e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information or to obtain a price quote for petitions.