Termination, Layoffs, Reduction in Force (RIF), Severance Agreements, Non-Competes

This page provides information on the different aspects of the termination process. It identifies some of the topics of discussion that arise in situations where it is necessary to terminate an employment relationship. Details are provided for each topic.

Termination of Regular Employees

Termination of Alien Workers on Visas or Pending Green Card Petitions 

  • Severance Agreements by Alien Workers and Visa Holders [More...]
  • Non-compete Agreements for Alien Worker and Visa Holders [More...]
  • Considerations in Terminating Alien Workers and Visa Holders [More...]

Independent Contractors And Employees

  • Employee vs. Independent Contractor Classification [More...]
  • Employee Classification Act 2008 [More...] 

The Exit Interview 

  • Preparing for and Conducting the Exit Interview [More...]